Freedom to Fly

One thing I LOVE to do daily is go outside for a walk. I enjoy wheeling around my neighborhood, admire nature, and spend time with the Lord.

When I go for a walk, I need my nurse or a family member to drive me. I often have to explain to them where I want to go (and make them run behind me when I want to go fast!)

Recently, I have been given the opportunity to find a method to drive my chair using either a foot control, sip-and-puff (a straw object that moves based on how someone blows or sucks), or a chin control. As a teenager, I was able to use a foot control, but I lost some range of mobility. My therapists, family, and I were concerned I wouldn’t have as much control when using my foot. So, I tried the chin control. Let me tell you readers, it is HARD. The movement isn’t comfortable and can make my jaw tired. It is a workout (and I don’t need a chiseled jaw!)

I started practicing outdoors to avoid too many obstacles. First, I used speed one. Oh dear, it was boring! SLOW! Next, I increased the speed to two. Not too bad, but I wanted to have fun. When I increased to speed three, I went flying! The feeling of soaring down the driveway is astounding! My control has improved so I can drive myself when I walk with someone in front to guide me.

I am grateful God has given me this opportunity for independence. I haven’t felt that in a long time, which can be scary. I am thankful for the technology and resources we have in America to give us freedom. Often, we can take these freedoms for granted. But we should remember to always be grateful for the little things. Our freedom to worship, pray, fellowship, and yes, even use a chin control.

What freedoms are you thankful for today, my awesome reader?

So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed. John 8:36


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