My Favorite Word: Challenge

Every time I write or speak there is one word I love to contemplate. One word separated from the rest.


I find this word most intriguing. Each time I read, speak, or write it, I feel the power reverberating through it. Each time I say the word challenge I feel empowered to step into my “uncomfort” zone and do what is necessary and right. Sometimes, though, I cannot figure out why.

Maybe it’s the way it sounds.

Or maybe it is the way it has impacted me.

Maybe it’s the definition itself: to confront or defy boldly: dare.

When my interpreters sign the word challenge in American Sign Language it conjures a powerful emotion within me. Often times ASL will explicitly show ideas/words in a visual way. The sign for “challenge” is especially impactful. Check out the video to see the ASL sign for challenge.

You know what? I just had this thought. What does the sign for challenge look like in British sign language?  Let’s take a look together!


Wow, everyone sees the word “challenge” in their lives in a different way. The word can be defined differently through language, experience, and life outlook.

So readers, challenge yourself each and every day to grow in understanding, love, and to become a stronger person than you were yesterday. If you meditate on the word challenge you just might be surprised by how much power is packed into this word.


What is YOUR favorite word and how does it impact you? Comment below and share!


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