Creature of Freedom

By Paige Snedeker

In the smoky dawn
Soars the king of the sky.
This courageous creature,
Circles far above the battle field.
Hear the cries of fear.
How can we find freedom?
The creature, called eagle, sees with his sharp eyes, the suffering of the country.
Colonists battle for the right to have free will.
Cannonballs blast, swords clash metal to metal, and guns fire.
The creature, king of the sky, filled with pure strength
Screeches out with his mighty voice.
Every head rises toward the sky,
Silencing the raging war.
In the boundless sky the majestic beast
Flies across the ravaged land, symbolizing independence.
Vibrant sparks flash in the wakening day.
We shout out our gratitude for this great land.
We hold up the flag of the United States of America in the waving breeze
Signaling freedom at last!