“Firestorm” (Print)


“This painting was inspired by my poem with the same title.”

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This painting was inspired by my poem with the same title. Here is the poem:


By Paige Snedeker

I dance in the churning storm
Holding the sword of truth high above
In my weaker hand I wield the whip of hate and anger.
Thunder boom! Lightning strike!
Before my feet arose the fog of trepidation.
Flame blast forth
Stretching across
The field of the unknown
Where God has placed my path,
Which I have no choice but to face
What I love and hate.
The tingling sensation to cower and hide
Explodes through my veins
Even though I carry the sword of truth.
The sound of the crackling whip of hatred wages
powerful emotions
Through every part of my being
In spite of this
I must stand my ground.
When will be the time I break through the fog?
Speeding forward
Through the field of unknown
Toward the blazing fire of my destiny.
Will I be able to challenge and fight the trials that are set before the glowing path
While my body is unarmored,
Guarded only by truth and hate
Yet Jehovah-Shammah will always be there to comfort my aching heart with his radiant love.

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