Step Into My Shoes

Another speaking event happened earlier this week. Now, readers, I know I have written quite a few blogs about my speaking engagements. However, this particular speech reminded me just how much people need to hear the gospel. Telling others about the grace that Jesus has given me through my life can spur others on to healing through Him, too.

I spoke at a youth group camp to children ages 10-17. I had two volunteers come forth, one boy and one girl. I had them blind-folded, their wrists were tied together, and their ankles were loosely tied to the legs of the chairs.

This illustration was to allow them to “step into my shoes” while I gave my speech.

After I finished, my secretary, Summer, said to them, “Typically Paige also has her volunteers use earplugs. However, in order for you both to hear her testimony, we opted out of that for today. We would like to hear your reaction to not being able to move or see while hearing Paige’s story.”*

The boy lead by saying, “I complain so much,” he directed his attention to the children in the audience, “I’m not sure if any of you guys noticed, but I only experienced a little bit of what she endures each day and I didn’t hear a single negative thing come out of her mouth. This has really got me thinking. I’m so amazed at how passionate she is about Christ and this encourages me to go deeper in my relationship with the Lord without excuses.”*

His reaction touched me greatly.

Next, the girl told us her thoughts, “I fidget. I really love to fidget, actually. Not being able to move during your speech, Paige, was really killing me,” she spoke to the audience, “Some of the things Paige spoke about, such as her feeling like her friends had abandoned her, is something I can relate to. Not being able to see or move while listening to her story really hit home with me.”*

Although dealing with my disability is difficult, I am thankful that I have the opportunity to be a part of the Lords work each time I attend another speaking engagement.

If you’re interested in having Paige come speak to your group, please contact The Paige Project here:

Watch Paige’s Testimony Here


*All quotes were paraphrased for this blog


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