The Conference

For the past three years I have attended the Florida Christian Writers Conference, but this year was the most challenging experience so far. This year, I took several classes and had the opportunity to interact with lots of different attendees. In the classes I learned about writing, blogging, speaking and promoting my material.  The Conference helps me move forward with my writing and encourages me to improve my skills.

Most importantly, attending the Conference has assisted me in gaining confidence as an author. Growing up and being deaf, I was always insecure of my language abilities because I could not hear the language of the hearing world. I used to think my writing sounded stupid, but through the support of my high school teachers, I have learned a lot and now have more confidence in what I have been given. At this year’s Conference, I was more willing to use my gift of writing and meet others. I met many excellent writers, who shared some great information that will help me with my next project.

Sometimes we are not sure about what we have been given or are too afraid to realize it. When our gifts are revealed our lives change, and we can be confident that God will quietly lead us to use these gifts to bring glory to Him. Our time is precious; we need to throw ourselves out there and do what God leads us to do and let our gifts shine! Use them without fear!


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