The First Fundraiser was a Success!

Everything that is done in the world is done by hope – Martin Luther

For weeks my team and I worked furiously on preparing our first The Paige Project fundraiser. Our goal was to have around 50 people. It seemed like a good start. I spent a lot of time practicing my speech, memorizing it and reading each word carefully. Repeating all of these actions became tiring. However, I knew I wanted to be able to deliver my speech in an impactful way. In the past, I have done several speaking engagements. This time I must do my speech to the best of my abilities.

Paige Snedeker and TPP Interpreters: Sarah Chambers (left) and Vanessa Perez (right)

The Fundraiser morning, September 7th, 2019, finally arrived. When I took my position to speak, I felt a sense of total confidence flowing through me. I spoke as carefully as I could. I wanted to convey my mission in such a way that moved my audience.

After I finished my speech, Summer, who is the director of The Paige Project, was next. She did such an amazing job giving her speech and conveying the vision of TPP.

Summer Lowe, TPP Director

Not only was it The Paige Project’s first fundraiser, it was also Tyson, my brother’s, birthday. After Summer gave her speech, we surprised my brother as she encouraged people who know American Sign Language to come and sign, “Happy Birthday.”

After the event ended, one of The Paige Project volunteers stopped by. He told me how much my speech inspired him.

Yes! That was my goal!

My goal is to impact, encourage, and challenge people to overcome their adversity. Through this event, I desired to share the hope in which I have come to discover—true hope comes from trusting in the Lord. I want others to know, no matter what adversity they face in life, nothing is impossible. From each hardship we experience, we will find true growth.

Awesome reader… guess what?!

Remember earlier I said we only planned to have 50 attendees? There were way more than we expected! Around 90 people attended, and many people logged in to watch us online! Whoa! What a nice surprise! The event turned out very well, better than we could have ever expected.

I want to extend my greatest gratitude to all who have supported The Paige Project in any capacity. I am thankful for this wonderful opportunity to spread hope to others even in the midst of hardship. Lastly, I am honored to be able to celebrate my brother’s birthday at this very sweet event.

If you have been involved with The Paige Project in any way, I want you to know that without your loving support, I would not be where I am today and would not be able to keep my project going. My team and I are planning for our next event to share stories, and get more people involved in this marathon to spread hope. I look forward to seeing those who couldn’t attend this event at the next fundraiser!

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  1. Thank you all for inspiring and encouraging me! What a blessing!

    1. Yes! Thank you for always being there to support me in any way you can. 😊

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