Three Golden Qualities of a Father

Father’s day is approaching. I would like to share my favorite memories of my loving, yet hard headed, father.

He’s a determined, hardworking construction superintendent. Most days he comes home with a stench, smelling like the trash that was forgotten to be set out next to the street for pick up.


I have grown to relate this stench to a hardworking man.

Dare I say that I look forward to this smelly man coming home each day…? Now, readers, don’t tell him I said that.

Here are three qualities my dad possesses that I cherish.

  • He’s supportive

Even when I am freaking out, hallucinating, and have replaced the nurse next to me with a penguin, he brought me back to reality.

  • He challenges me to be tough.

After my corrective back surgery, food tasted strange which discouraged me from eating. My dad would give me a look that said, “You need to eat!” His quick wit also taught me not to be a wimp and to be secure in myself.

  • His calming demeanor

In an instant, our lives can go from “everything is okay” to a chaos ensued household. Losing your cool in a moment of chaos is easy in the Snedeker home. However, he manages to keep his cool and think things through, easing the chaos for all of us. That is exactly what we need.

These are the three qualities I cherish most about my father. Without him, I would have never learned those three golden qualities.

Most of all, I’m thankful to my Heavenly Father who has sustained me to this very moment.

I’d love to hear your favorite qualities of your father that you’re celebrating this Sunday!

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