Ugh! Writer’s Block!!

Some days I stare at my blank computer screen and think to myself, “What do I write next… this is crazy.”

Having writers block is extremely frustrating.

You may have experienced writers block before, too. With a pen in hand while looking at that daunting piece of blank paper, attempting to formulate the words for a letter to a friend but nothing comes to mind. Or maybe you have even tried to text a friend when the words instantly disappear into thin air. I am sure you can relate in some form whether or not you are a writer.


In the last year and a half of blogging, I have learned a few ways to tackle the loss of inspiration.

How can we conquer this?

A writer friend of mine suggested a simple timer. She said, “Put a timer on your computer and just write. Let it be horrible, let it not make sense. Just simply write whatever comes to your mind but don’t stop until the timer beeps.”

AHH! I hated the idea of writing something so awful! You mean, I can’t keep editing? I do get stuck on my urge to edit. However, when I tried out her method, it made all of my worries fade away as I challenged myself to “beat the clock” and free write. By the way, this is the method I used for this blog! After my timer went off I edited until I was satisfied. I promise, the first draft was not pretty at all!

Write whatever is on my mind. I’m currently working on a memoir and often times I have asked myself, “Where in the world do I start?” Recently, a few dear friends and fellow writers advised me to “write what’s on your mind.” Instead of trying to follow each event of my life in a chronological fashion, they suggested to write whichever story is on my mind at that very moment. Then, when my memories are written down, arrange, edit, and repeat a hundred times. That’s a tough one for me! Yet, I am determined to share my story no matter the challenges it brings.

Writing inspiration will be there tomorrow. Not all days are meant for writing—so don’t force it. Step away from writing for some time… maybe 10 minutes, a day, or a week! That depends on how you feel. Writing should come straight from your heart. After you have given yourself some time, prepare your heart and mind to pour your inspiration into your piece. Just remember to get back to your writing when you are ready.

Although, the absolute best advice anyone has ever given me is: never give up and always remember who and what you’re writing for. For me, I write for the glory of God and to inspire others to be kinder, more patient, and humble.

So, readers… these are just a few tips I have acquired in the last year and a half but I would love to learn what tactics you use! Comment below with your methods!


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