What Happens at Nana’s Stays At Nana’s

Mother’s Day is a beautiful celebration of mother’s all around the world. Without them, we would be all over the place! Without a doubt we would be lost; we learn how to discern direction in life from our mothers.

Mother’s Day is also a day to care for those who may have lost their mothers or did not grow up with one.

This year, as wonderful as my mother is, I want to highlight my Nana.

My Grandmother is one of the most amazing and kind souls to grace this earth.

Nana is an amazing cook and always fills the house with home-style Bahamian recipes. She learned these recipes in her hometown of Spanish Wells, Bahamas.

Growing up, traveling to the Bahamas created some of my fondest memories. Whenever my parents, brothers, and I visited family in the Bahamas, we would stay at our cousin’s house which was across the road from my Nana and Papa.

On many early mornings, as a girl, I would sneak out of my cousin’s house to go to my grandparents’ house.

There were three ways to escape…

The front door and two back doors. Sometimes the family had those “guarded” and I had to sneak out the hidden option number four… up the stairs, through the door, and down the stairs on the side of the house.

loved breaking the rules.

At that time I was still able to walk, run, my eye sight was far better, but my hearing had already diminished.

When my mother noticed I was missing, she knew where I would be—at my grandparents’ house. Frantic, she would rush over and yell in sign language, “Paige! Where have you been?! You can’t hear the cars coming, you could have gotten hit! You scared me!”

Smiling, I took another spoonful of Honey Combs that my Nana poured me. Across from me my Nana laughed at my mom’s reaction.

This never stopped me from sneaking out again. I always desired to be close to Nana and Papa. Their home was always warm and inviting. It felt like my home.

I always admired how my Nana took care of her family in such a graceful way—and still does. I loved to talk her ears off and she never cast me aside. As I grew, I watched her gestures of kindness to those around her. Her love of Jesus shined forth through her quiet spirit.

I am immeasurably grateful for her consistent affection and her tenacity in difficult situations.

Happy Mother’s Day, Nana. I love you more than anything!


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