Paige’s first children’s book, Sofia and her Morningstar, tells a story of a lovely young flower, Sofia, with a wish to see the world. Her new friend, Morningstar the butterfly, agrees to show her God’s creation on the adventure of a lifetime.

“May I suggest you read this remarkable little book very slowly, and with every turn of the page, picture the author and artist. You will then see why I think Paige Snedeker is a true treasure in Christ’s Kingdom.”

—Joni Eareckson Tada, Joni and Friends International Disability Center


Camo’s Journey, the sequel to Sofia and Her Morningstar, tells an inspirational story of Camo, a little gecko on a big mission to save a land from darkness. On the way, he learns to put aside his fears, take a leap of faith, and use his God-given gifts to brighten his path.

“Children (and adults, too) will be inspired by Camo’s courage and determination to spread the Light in a dark land. And, I believe readers will be challenged to let their own lights shine in a world that so desperately needs God. This is a must-read!”

—Michelle Medlock Adams, Award-winning & Best-selling Author


Illustrator Paige Snedeker has teamed up with best-seller author Michelle Medlock Adams to create this charming picture book that explores the special bond between a daughter and her daddy as they spend time together at the county fair. This book is available on amazon.


With Paige’s interpreter, she described each scene in detail, while her art teacher, Sue Anderson, captured them in line sketches. Often, this took several different compositions before Paige was ready to paint.On a paper held in front of her, she painted with a brush clenched in between her teeth.  Paige used watercolors, acrylics, balloons, sponges and dry brush techniques to create her artwork.  Her interpreter relayed her color choices to put together over 200 pages of textured papers that would become animals, plants, rivers and sunny skies.After the artwork had been laid out and painted, the collages came together.  Each piece had to be carefully cut and taped into place so that Paige could make final adjustments to the designs.  Each page took as many as 20 hours from start to finish.