Paige is excited to speak to your group. She is happy to tailor any speech to meet your group or theme!



Anything is Possible

Paige is a living example of anything is possible. Her inspiring life story is the focus of this presentation. In her candid and heartfelt way she shines a light to the difficulties of living with a disability. She illustrates the heart of this message by giving examples from her own life, and lives of those close to her. Listening to Paige as she relates her physical disabilities with her spiritual journey will invigorate your faith as you step into Paige’s shoes.

Highlights include:

  • Privacy for both the disabled person and the care givers (parents)
  • Persevering no matter the challenges
  • Productivity
  • Struggling with a declining condition
  • Difficulty with friends and relationships

Target groups for this presentation:

  • disability groups and their care-givers
  • Advocacy groups
  • Those reaching out to the disabled
  • Groups looking for powerful personal stories

True Beauty—Seeing Yourself as God Sees You

When the dark thoughts seep in, it’s hard to remain confident in the individual you are. Paige understands feeling “different” and wants to share her story about how she sees true beauty.

Highlights include:

  • Appreciate your inner & outer beauty
  • Get comfortable with being different
  • Learn to walk in total confidence

Target groups for this presentation:

  • Youth groups
  • Educational Setting
  • Groups looking for powerful personal stories on self-image


Chasing Your Dreams

Paige will talk about how she chases her dreams despite her set-backs. She knows what hard work looks like and isn’t afraid of facing the obvious challenges that stood in her way. She has learned how to harness those challenging times and put them towards a cause she believes in. Choose this speech to motivate your group to chase their dreams no matter the obstacle.

Highlights Include:

  • Journey to founding The Paige Project, her accomplishments and encourage others to go out of their comfort zone
  • Talk about my struggles that an any adult can relate to
    • Fight off laziness
    • Dispute Discouragement
    • Stay goal-oriented
    • Create goals and make them a reality


Target groups for this presentation:

  • Adults
  • Youth groups
  • Retreats
  • Schools
  • Work Groups

How to Overcome Your Fears

Are you seeking encouragement on how to overcome your greatest fear? Step into your “uncomfort” zone and listen to Paige’s insight on how to tackle fear. She will share how to never give in to fear and instead be courageous in a monotonous daily life—or is it?

Highlights Include:

  • Tips to cope with fear
  • How to step out in courage when you want to run and hide
  • Ways to stay in your “uncomfort” zone

Target groups for this presentation:

  • Church Groups
  • Schools
  • Retreats
  • Adults
  • Youths

Splash of Color

We all need color in our lives and Paige is ready to launch full-force. Listen to her speak about her journey as an author, artist, and illustrator and be prepared to be spurred onto your own creative adventures. Paige will share how she accomplishes such tasks and will brighten your day with colors—just like she does with her art!

Highlights Include:

  • Art Journey
  • Writing Journey

Target groups for this presentation:

  • Creative groups
  • Youth groups
  • Retreats
  • Schools

Medical Journey

Want to gain more knowledge and challenge your mind by learning about Paige’s disorder? Paige has a burning passion to spread awareness about her disorder and research foundation, Cure RTD. You can help spread the word, and you never know, the information you learn could one day save a life.

Highlights Include:

  • Information about RTD, including symptoms, treatment and testing
  • How RTD has affected Paige
  • Communicating with those who have a disability
  • How to help find a cure for RTD

Target groups for this presentation:

  • Medical professionals
  • Medical students
  • Educational settings
  • Adults involved or affect by disorders or disabilities


ALL presentations can be expanded into several sessions or presented in a shorter time-frame.

What are others saying about Paige?

Listening to Paige speak is a hope-filled experience. Her incredible life is a living testimony to us all, and her heart-felt wisdom speaks to everyone, no matter the circumstances.

-Edie Melson, Award-winning Author and Conference Director, Greenville, SC

Paige Snedeker is a joy, a delight, and an inspiration. When she came to speak to our group, we were touched and spurred on to have a deeper faith. Hearing how Paige trusts her God made us want to trust Him more, too. I highly recommend her as a speaker.

-Courtney Martinet, Co-Coordinator, MOPS of Redeemer, Winter Haven FL

Paige Snedeker is one of my most treasured friends. Her testimony of God’s faithfulness working in her life is evident each time she shares. She knows God has a special plan for her and is using her talent as a children’s book writer and illustrator to spread that message. I highly recommend you invite Paige to visit your students in Chapel or assembly. Her testimony will show them Christ.

-Bobbie Jo Hogan, Second Grade Teacher, Grace Christian School, Valrico FL

Paige is a dear sister in the Lord. She shows us how to rejoice in the Lord in all circumstances. Her commitment to the Gospel is refreshing in a world in desperate need of hope. Paige’s smile and joy is contagious!

-Pastor Mike Sprott, Grace Bible Church, Tampa FL

Fascinating and inspiring – that’s Paige! Her outgoing and friendly team included her mom, a nurse, and two ASL interpreters. Paige told her story quietly to an interpreter who then spoke it aloud to us. Next, they answered questions about Paige’s creative process and RTD and offered her delightful books for sale.

-Barbara Routen, Vice President of the Tampa Branch National League of American Pen Women

I met Paige when she took a Life Writing class I helped teach and facilitate. I would highly recommend any organization asking Paige to present her art, writing and story. I am proud to endorse her as an inspiring artist and writer.

-Bonnie Phillips, President of the Tampa Branch National League of American Pen Women

Paige is available to speak for church groups, retreats, k-12 classrooms, medical groups, and would enjoy being a part of your next event. She travels from Tampa, Florida with a team of interpreters and nurses.


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