5 Secrets of My Deaf Life

Have you ever wondered what the deaf world is like? Do you know what some benefits of being deaf are? Let me spill secrets of a goof-ball deaf person like me. Come on, jump headfirst into the deaf world, and turn off your listening ears. Shocking request, right?

  1. Being an author is a piece of cake! 

I can focus on projects and am not distracted by background noise. I’m able to concentrate easily due to silence. Tranquility transfers me into the book which makes characters come alive. Having this ability to fully immerse into stories provides me with the skills of editing. Fellow authors usually tell me I point out mistakes that they do not see. I have come to realize my deafness helps develop editing skills.

  1. Sleeping is an absolute dream!

 I sleep throughout the night. Sounds don’t wake me up. As I drift into a deep sleep my entire world explodes with fantasy. I’m able to experience real life adventures. My missing abilities are restored. I can dance like a ballerina, run fast as Wonder Woman, and so much more. 

  1. My other senses are heightened!

Once the ability to hear diminished my other senses intensified. I have a powerful sense of smell and touch. I feel an eyelash on my face and a tiny bug that flies on my arm which drives me insane. In addition, many deaf people have better visual skills because our minds think visually instead of auditorily. We tend to be more in tune with other’s feelings. Because we cannot hear people’s tone of voice, facial expressions provide us with the information to fill in gaps. 

  1. In loud environments, sign language comes in handy (no pun intended).

 People can communicate through sign language in both small and large gatherings. Also, it’s simple to tell my friends secrets because others may not understand! (How rude!) Oh, and if someone happens to understand our conversation, I’ll admit that would be embarrassing.

  1. Being direct is part of deaf culture.

I am blunt, open, honest, and transparent with people. While I may be blunt, I speak with the firm love of Jesus Christ. Within the deaf community, deaf adults are usually straightforward and don’t hold their tongue. They are brought up to ‘speak’ their minds without hesitation which could be very awkward. Often, I speak my mind and don’t beat around the bush. Sometimes, it’s what we all need. Although I am straightforward and direct I strive to show God’s love with kindness and grace. 

Awesome reader, turn your listening ears back on! Part of being Deaf is who I am and I’m grateful to be part of such an amazing culture. 

 I hope you learned something fun and helpful today. What is one of the 5 secrets you like? 

“Deaf people can do anything, except hear.” Marlee Matlin 


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