A Promise

Has someone ever promised you something before? And did you believe they would keep their promise? I was promised something by a very special lady, an artist. She kept her promise. This is the story of how the promise came to be.

A year ago my Bahamian family came to visit. My great uncle’s mother-in-law, Violet Weech, came with them. Mrs. Weech and I chatted for a long time about her husband, family, and her artwork. She told me the story of how she met her husband.  A long time ago she was sitting in church, with no AC. She was hot and fanning herself. The man sitting next to her handed her something to fan herself with. She told me he was the most wonderful man. He was a pastor and loved the Lord with all his heart. I loved listening to her stories. She also told me about her time in Israel. During her time there she sang the song I Walked Today Where Jesus Walked. I could not list every story she told me, but there is one thing I do remember. She said to me. “I will send you a picture I painted of a dog playing in the waves.”

I did not believe that she would keep this promise. So many people forget about their promises. Proverbs says, “Like clouds and wind without rain is a man who boasts of a gift he does not give.” (Proverbs 25:14, NASB) For this reason “Promise” is a powerful word to me. When someone promises something their word should be able to be depended on. But many times the promise isn’t kept.

A few months after Mrs. Weech left, I received a surprise. It was a brown box from the Bahamas. I opened it and to my amazement, there was the promised painting, a dog in the waves, so beautiful. I was taken aback and a sense a warmth flowed throughout me. I turned over the painting to find a handwritten note:

Dear Paige,
I promised to send you one of my paintings, well here it is. Hope you will like it. I enjoyed my visit with you so much and never will forget you and your brother. If I never see you in this world I’ll see you in Heaven.
God bless you and my love to all the family.
Violet Weech

I was in awe. What a sweet spirit she has. Not only did she keep her promise, but she took the time to make it even more special. Because of this, her simple words had a strong impact on me.

Mrs. Weech will be 101 this December. I hope one day I will get to talk with her again, but if not, I know I will see her in heaven. Meanwhile, I will look at this painting and remember our time together, her kindness, and how she kept her word true. I will treasure this gift, and the friendship and beautiful spirit of the sender, for the rest of my life.


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