Dancing the Night Away

After being stuck in traffic for over an hour, I glanced out the window.

The storm had been on and off all afternoon. The Florida summer weather mixed with Orlando traffic was horrible!

“It’s raining again!” I complained to my nurse, “How far away are we?”

“One more hour,” she replied.

“What time is it?”

“It’s 4:43pm.”


“The wedding starts at six! We are going to be late,” I exclaimed.

Thankfully, we arrive with five minutes to spare.

Phew…just in time.

A few weeks earlier, one of my friends asked me, “Will you dance with me at Summer’s wedding?”

“Okay… sure,” I laughed nervously.

For some reason, I did not take her comment seriously. No way would I actually be dancing in front of over a hundred people of which I did not know.

Then, the morning of the wedding another one of my friends said, “Will you dance with me tonight?”

“No!” I exclaimed. “I’m a chicken!”

After the ceremony, the bride and grooms first dance, and when dinner was complete, the dreaded dance floor was open. I have to admit, I was thinking of a place to hide out until this passed. However, I knew that there was no where I could hide. No blanket to hide under, no closet to shield me… I had no other choice.

“Are you ready to dance?” my friends asked.

But before panic surfaced, I was pushed onto the dance floor.

Everyone around me started to dance and even the bride joined the group! All of my fears and hesitations dissolved and I started to dance. I did not realize how much movement I had until I started movin’ it with some of my girlfriends.

Dancing with my friends was a great encouragement for me to not be a chicken and step into my “uncomfort” zone.

So, readers… if you ever feel fear welling inside you, push yourself into in your “uncomfort” zone and dance through life in confidence.

Comment below with a story of when you stepped into your “uncomfort” zone!!


July 6th, 2018 Summer and Killian  Lowe’s Wedding!



  1. Paige! This is such a precious blog from my wedding! I’m so thankful to have you as a friend and to have had you at my wedding!!
    Love you!

    1. Thank you so much! I think your wedding was the best wedding I have ever attended! I am so honored to be your friend.
      Love you, too!

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