The weirdest situations can bring people together. Here is the story of how wonderful friends welcomed my family into their lives. Once, my family took a skiing trip to Vermont. While we were there, we went sledding and explored new places. During the time we were there, one of my brothers ended up in the emergency room. While he was being taken care of, I was playing outside. My dad told me to be careful, but I slipped on the ice anyway, striking my head so hard that my vision became blurry. Concerned, my father carried me in his arms into the same emergency room where my brother was. They figured out that I had a mild concussion, which caused me to fall asleep. I woke up nauseous, throwing up all over the nurse! This nurse, Judy, was also taking care of my brother and, through that situation, began bonding with my family. Judy invited us to her home and showed us her friend’s farm. We rode on a snowmobile, which was a blast!

For about 15 years we remained in contact. Recently, Judy and her husband came down to Florida from New York. My family and I were thrilled to spend such precious time with these amazing friends.

So, although strange situations happen, God blesses us through that strangeness and continues to bless us in ways we would never expect. Long-time friends and brand new friends are brought into our lives for a reason, even if we may not understand why.  Today, I am grateful for the wonderful friendships God has blessed me and my family with.


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