The Ghost of Christmas Present

Are you up for a funny Christmas story? I bet you are!

The week of Thanksgiving, my family and I decided to go tree hunting. Sadly, what we thought was a good tree, began to die just weeks before Christmas. We were optimistic that 2018 would be better than last!

This year, the Michigan Tree Farm guaranteed us that this year’s tree would last much longer than their competitors.

Guess what happened!

We picked out what we thought was the perfect Christmas tree of 2018! It smelt wonderful—I was ready for the Christmas adventures to begin! My mom’s elaborate design takes hours to achieve.

Within a few days the needles began to shed, encircling the tree. Then, my nose stopped picking up the scent of the Black Hills Christmas tree. I thought my nose decided to stop working when others started to echo this sad reality.

What is Christmas without the fragrance of a Christmas tree? I thought to myself.

“Hey mom! Why haven’t we gotten a new tree?! This one is dying! That’s not cool!” I grumbled.

“Well, I’ve already decorated this tree and I don’t know when I’ll find the time to get the new tree and decorate it all over again!” She said, exhausted.

Excuses! My grinchness was showing.

I continued to nag, “So what! We can find someone to help. You don’t want a naked tree, do you?!”

The tree continued to shed its needles uncontrollably. Ornaments started slipping off the bare branches, shattering into pieces.

It seemed like the tree was haunted by the ghost of Christmas present!

My mom finally decided that the dying tree was too dangerous and set it ablaze in our fire-pit.

This time, we got a bigger tree. It is fuller and even more beautiful than the last tree. Some people have even said that it looks like a pot-bellied snowman which matches perfectly with our snowman Christmas tree topper!

You see, the Frazier Fur tree that we have now is way more awesome. I can smell this tree throughout the WHOLE house… just how I like it. We were able to find help to decorate the tree and still meet my mom’s meticulous expectations. The wonderful aroma jolted me into the Christmas spirit. My Grinch self is happy once again.

That is my funny Christmas story and I hope that gives you a good laugh from me!

I hope that you have had better luck with your tree this year!

Please comment on Facebook/Twitter or Instagram DM me a picture of your decorated Christmas tree! I will share them on my Instagram story! These are the things that make my heart jump with joy.

I wish you a wonderful and blessed Christmas!

2 Corinthians 9:15 

Thanks be to God for his inexpressible gift!



  1. Hey it’s Becky from church! Your tree is Georgeous! We’ll both trees were lol. Our tree is fake, mainly cause our puppy might pee on it.

    1. Oh yes I remember you! Haha! Maybe next time you can get a tree and put it on the table so that your puppy wont pee on it! Hope you had a fantastic Christmas!

  2. Thanks for sharing this fun story. ☺️

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